Breast and contouring body

We’re guessing that even if you attended this session on breast and body contouring alone that coming to F.A.C.E.2f@ce in Cannes would be worth it!  The nine lectures have been carefully selected to provide to you some pearls to make your practice flourish, bring new patients, and improve your results. 

Leading experts will show you new techniques, new technologies, or more effective ways to perform common procedures. You will learn circumferenetial lower limb lipoplasty, tips in successful breast fat grafting, and male breast reduction purely under local anaesthesia.  You will get ideas for new technologies in your practice such as injectable radiofrequency, diode laser for fat harvesting, and controlled subcision for cellulite.  For body contouring surgeons, you simply cannot miss the lectures on 4D high-definition contouring and surgery for the perfect wasit-hip ratio. 

Set your alarm early for Saturday September 16th.  See you at 08.30 in Room 2! You will not be disappointed!

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F.A.C.E. 2 F@ce
15 & 16 September 2017
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