Photobiomodulation: A Clinical Glance: A Cellular cross Talk…

Led academy session: 2017 Saturday September 16, 2017 .3-4PM

We are definitely entering in a new a new era: The digital age .That means communication as instant communication through e-mail for example. As always, major thinkings ways trends come together at a given point. They mean to us: we are the sense of history.
Photobiomodulation or LLLT does not avoid this “great” revolution. It demonstrates that photonic signaling is a major condition generated by the photoelectric effect. Cellular communication is based on a language we have to learn ... to treat better....
It is the challenge of this new medicine

Dr. Jean Alexis Grimaud (Medical Doctor, pathologist, former director at the Pasteur Institute), Dr. Jared Jagdeo (Dermatologist: His research around lasers and LLLT), Dr. Suzanne Hausdorfer (Dermatologist), Dr. Linda Fouque (Dermatologist) Our purpose, as explorers who came from distant shores , some of which are yet still unknown .
In advance we thank them for this sharing

© Michèle Pelletier-Aouizerate (European Led Academy President)

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