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Is a facial plastic surgeon and practices in Nice, France (ENT&FPS Institute). He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Marseilles (Senior intern, hospital assistant and clinical head physician). He was an associate surgeon to the American Hospital of Paris and now runs his private activity in Nice (HNS & FPS Institute). He is an international expert in the field of aesthetic surgery and medicine.

President of the Riviera aesthetic society (SAMCEP), and secretary for the communication of the French Society of Facial Plastic Surgery (SFCPEFC), he is also member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery (EAFPS). He has organized a lot of congresses and has published many scientific studies and books on facial plastic surgery.

Jérôme PARIS

Is a facial plastic and head and neck surgeon and practices in Marseilles, France. Medical coordinator of the Euromediteranean Institute of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery - IEMCEP, Marseilles, France ; Head of Head & Neck Surgery dpt, ICCORL - Clairval Hospital, Marseilles, France. Member of the European Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery ; Member of the French Society of FPS - Société Française de Chirurgie Plastique et Esthetique de la Face et du Cou ; Former member of the American Hospital of Paris.


Is an aesthetic surgeon who has a practice in Dublin, Ireland that focuses on minimally invasive and ambulatory cosmetic and anti-aging procedures.  He is a Founder Member and President of the European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery.

Dr Prendergast

Is an author and educator.  He has organized several international aesthetic Congresses, delivers courses and lectures frequently, and has published widely in aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery.  His first book, Aesthetic Medicine. Art and Techniques was published by Springer in 2011.  His second book, High Definition Body Sculpting. Art and Advanced Lipoplasty Techniques was published in 2014 and quickly became an Amazon No.1 Best Seller.


is a Plastic surgeon based in Paris, France. He is also Chairman of the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Department at Sainte Anne, one of the leading Hospital in Paris.
Over the last 15 years, Dr Trevidic has been instrumental as a key investigator in several anti-aging studies and has been at the forefront of many others. Working to promote evidence based medicine.

Dr. Trevidic has published more than 70 scientific articles in various periodicals and international journals and is often called upon to present his work at International congresses.
To date, he has participated in over 150 medical congresses worldwide.
As well as serving as Scientific Director of Expert2Expert (, the renowned noted European group of surgeons and dermatologists, he is also one of the founder of the largest European Aesthetic Congress F@CE 2 F.A.C.E held in Cannes every September.

In 2010, through his role with Expert 2 Expert, Dr Trevidic published, with his colleagues, “Anatomy and botulinum toxin injections”, a reference book based on expert observations. Today, this title remains one of the best seller within the Master collection of Expert 2 Expert.

In 2011, Dr Trevidic directed the launch of the second volume about “Anatomy and Volumizing Injections", the number one title in the collection. In 2013, he carried on and published "Anatomy and hand medical rejuvenation". 2014 opened with the much awaited “Anatomy and lip enhancement", already a best seller.

Dr Trevidic pioneered educational program around aesthetic dermatology and anatomy. Every year, several E2E training modules are directed by Dr Trevidic and his team for the benefit of international experts.

Dr. Trevidic is a professor and lecturer on surgery at several universities and schools of medicine in France and abroad.

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