Welcome to the 2016 Edition of the F.A.C.E. 2 F@ce Congress


The first years of a new congress are definitely the most challenging ones.

Achieving a satisfying equilibrium is driving every step, every decision we take when serving as scientific directors of Face 2 Face congress.

We do serve this event and are very proud to be given this opportunity.

It was and is a very interesting journey where we have learned a lot and were taught some interesting lessons. 

2015’s edition is our biggest success owing to your loyalty expressed through your attendance and the growing community of participants to date . 

This success is also a tribute to our Faculty Members building together an interesting program.

An interesting program is one where each one of you could benefit from their knowledge, translate it and use it in your everyday  medical practice. 

This sits at the core of Face 2 face congress.

The scientific program was echoed by the presence of major international players from the Industry. They played their part by promoting exchanges around innovation with our community.

Each year is unique and sheds a different light on future perspective for Face 2 Face. With 900 attendees, 2015 is a pivotal year for Face 2 Face.

2015 ‘s message is very clear and strengthening our confidence: 2016 will deliver this near perfect equilibrium as we now know why and how it works, what you are expecting and what you are looking for. 

We can say, with confidence : Face 2 Face ‘s foundations are now built.

We look forward to welcome you in 2016 in Cannes